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Half body extra character
need an extra character in the pic you want? if so add this to the order you want. (I have no idea how to word this) if you have any questions then just note me, it's all good
Full Body extra character
Just the price for an extra character, if their is special circumstances then talk to me. 
plain Fully shaded, no background. 
I require reference and how they act if you do not have a specific facial expression for them.
Half body
Plain Half bodies, shaded and colored. If you want a certain style then ask, I do require a reference and a bit about them. mainly their personality if you do not know what pose you want..No background,
Full Body
plain Full body, fully colored. no background. 
If you have a certain style you want then ask. 


If I was to draw a TailsxNicole drawing, what look should I do? 

13 deviants said Adult tails (25 years later) with old vers. of Nicole (purple flowey dress)
6 deviants said I don't ship that (well I don't exactly either, but please, I need input for the contest, I'm conflicted)
5 deviants said Normal Tails with old vers. Nicole (purple flowey dress)
4 deviants said Normal Tails with hidden Nicole (when she wore shorts and a hat, she looks super young in that)
2 deviants said IDK (how could you)
1 deviant said Normal Tails with new vers. of Nicole (the white and purple dress before the "old" comics died)
No deviants said some other look? (please put it in the comments)

some of my favorite works at the moment~



May 22, 2018
5:19 pm
May 22, 2018
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May 22, 2018
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May 20, 2018
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May 19, 2018
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Cassidy Adams
Artist | Digital Art
United States
hey, so thanks for looking at my gallery and looking at my bio.
if you like roleplayiing then ask, or engage with one of me characters, like to play TF2? well so do I! I do have a mic, but my voice sound like a 10 year old boy .-. want a commission? Ask! want a free drawing of one your characters? sadly I don't do that anymore, and please don't ask ^^; I feel bad to deny people buuuut honestly I have my own drawings and commissions to draw and can't just willy nilly anymore cuz my art blocks are insane. If you want an art trade then ask! but don't feel bad if I deny you or do not reply. I might be really busy or am not interested.
... if you have any questions then message me ^^

Favourite genre of music: alternative
Favourite style of art: free hand
Favourite cartoon character: shadow the hedgehog
Personal Quote: Don't be like everyone else, be yourself.
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(Hey, so I did a Poll to see which character to do this with, and you guys chose Cassidy the Ermine (why?! XD) probably one of my most awkward and shy characters... BUT here you go, was tagged by the wonderful :iconnubis-the-fox: thanks for tagging me! haven't done one of these in a looooong time, also this thingie was made by :iconsilvaze126:

The white Ermined nervously sits down, though smiled a bit at the interviewer "Hello..." she said shyly and awaiting her first question. 

1)Interviewer: Have any siblings? (half siblings and step siblings count)
"I have one Brother... he's a bit of a troublemaker..."

2)Interviewer: How many members do you know are in your family tree?
"uhm.... that I personally know? not a lot... about 10... as for the one's I don't know... it's a heck of a lot more..." 

3)Interviewer: What is your favorite game?
" live games? tag? or video games? uhm... I guess... hide and seek is my favorite live game... and for video games... it would have to be between.. oh gosh.. nevermind there's too many and I can't choose >~<" 

4)Interviewer: How is your love life?
She snorts a bit in laughter " What love life?"

5)Interviewer: Do you have any royal blood?
".... I don't think so?"

6)Interviewer: If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would you meet?
"........ Uhm... I don't know... wouldn't want to meet anyone, would be too awkward and I would shy away... but if anyone... it would be Robin Williams..." 

7)Interviewer: What is your favorite movie?
"Corpse Bride." 

8)Interviewer: Have any secrets?
"...Why do you ask?"

9)Interviewer: Creepiest experience?
"...I don't think I've had any... at least to me they ar- oh... there was this one time, I saw someone rip their own jaw away from their face and throw it at me... there's been more... but that one kinda stuck to me..." 

10)Interviewer: Who is the most annoying person you have ever met?
" ... I don't know, I would rather not answer." 

11)Interviewer: Do you go on social media?
"Kind of... I don't keep up with things though, always forget to check it..." 

12)Interviewer: If you're in a relationship who kissed who first :3? (If you haven't kissed that's ok)
"I'm not... but I never kiss first anyway, what if they reject it? ah heck no."

13)Interviewer: Anyone you have or had a crush on?

14)Interviewer: What's the most embarrassing thing you've done? 
"Accused someone of doing something they didn't do and figuring out I was wrong." 

15)Interviewer: Are you married?
"... Not anymore."

16)Interviewer: What's your favorite place to be with your partner/friend?
"....Uhm... does everyone you interview have a love life? where the heck is mine? I guess it would have to be at home playing video games... or at a giant koi pond." 

17)Interviewer: Who's the person you hate the most? 
"Again, would rather not answer." 

18)Interviewer: What's your favorite food?

19)Interviewer: What's your favorite weapon?
"...I don't really have one... but I guess my nails or teeth? a stick? my slipper?"

20)Interviewer: What's your favorite prank to pull?
"Heh... heh heh... ahhhhh.... apperently getting people to think I'm flirting with them (I swear to god I don't mean it, I don't flirt.) 

21)Interviewer: Who's your favorite among your team?
"My team? WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE?! It would have to be...ooh... my team disbanded though...I skip this question..." 

22)Interviewer: Is anyone like a rival to you?
"I mean.... maybe? nah just kidding, no one." 

23)Interviewer: Favorite celebrity?
".... Robin Williams? Charlie Chaplin?"

24)Interviewer: Got into any fights?
"Yep, lots of em."

25)Interviewer: Anything to say to anyone reading this?
"Uhm.... Why did you pick me? like... why? Thanks? I guess? ahhhhhh-" 


Owe's me a drawing/ art trades


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Hoiiiii excuse me to disturb but are your commission still open ?
cassidythehedgehog1 Featured By Owner 2 days ago   Digital Artist
Yes, but they may have raised in price since the last time you ordered one.
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wait....there's a half and full body extra character here only for 100 cost.?
cassidythehedgehog1 Featured By Owner 4 days ago   Digital Artist
Yes? It’s for when you get a full body picture at normal price, and if there is an extra character they are going to cost 100 more points added to the original price.
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